I was born in Konstanz, Germany, and raised under perfect weather conditions for 18 years in San Diego, California. I matriculated into the University of California, Berkeley in 2006 and spent two years conducting undergraduate research with Dr. Yi Liu in the Molecular Foundry at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, splitting my time between the synthesis of molecular switches and electron-accepting aromatic compounds. In 2010, I found my way into the laboratory of Professor J. Fraser Stoddart at Northwestern University where I crystallized metal-organic frameworks and organic ferroelectrics. Now I am a postdoctoral fellow in Professor Samuel I. Stupp’s group, working on self-assembling materials. I try to balance my chemistry lifestyle with passions for photography, travel, Houston Rockets basketball, and a homemade 3D printer.

A PDF version of my CV is available here (up-to-date as of January 6, 2015).

Education and Research Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow | Northwestern University | Evanston, IL
September 2015–Present
Advised by Professor Samuel I. Stupp
Synthesizing peptide amphiphiles and investigating their self-assembly properties.

PhD in Organic Chemistry | Northwestern University | Evanston, IL
September 2010–June 2014
Advised by Professor J. Fraser Stoddart
Thesis title: Synergizing Noncovalent Bonding Interactions in the Self-Assembly of Organic Charge-Transfer Ferroelectrics and Metal-Organic Frameworks

Undergraduate Researcher | Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | Berkeley, CA
June 2008–May 2010
Advised by Dr. Yi Liu
Synthesized mechanically interlocked molecular switches and n-type small molecules for organic photovoltaics

BS in Chemistry | UC Berkeley | Berkeley, CA
August 2006–December 2009

Teaching Experience

Instructor | Chemistry II (General Chemistry) | EXCEL Program
June 2014July 2014
Developed a syllabus and taught an intensive month-long general chemistry course for incoming freshman

Guest Lecturer | Graduate Advanced Organic Chemistry: Mechanostereochemistry | Chem 415
April  2014–June 2014
Restructured course syllabus, delivered five lectures, and produced original exam and problem set content.

Mentor | Gateway Science Workshops
January 2014–Present
Prepared advanced undergraduate students to lead problem sessions for their peers

Guest Lecturer | Freshman Organic Chemistry | Chem 210-3
April 2014
Delivered chalk-talk-style presentations in back-to-back lectures under the guidance of Professor Larry S. Trzupek

Teaching Assistant | Graduate Advanced Organic Chemistry: Mechanostereochemistry | Chem 415
April 2012–June 2012 and April 2013–June 2013

Teaching Assistant | Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory Courses | Chem 210, 212, and 350
September 2010–August 2011