End of the Year Papers from the Stoddart Group

Anthea’s paper discussing the design elements and strategy behind Lock-Arm Supramolecular Ordering (LASO) has appeared on the internet. Congrats to all the coworkers who helped to push it through! The work spanned several generations of graduate students, including my own time in the Stoddart group. I hope it’s the first of many that are waiting in the pipeline…

Separately, halogen bonding continues to be a hot topic. Zhichang’s paper about halogenated solvent templates for nanotube assembly also showed up in JACS. It seems to me that the challenge within this subfield is to really hammer down halogen-bonding interactions in solution, and show that they are useful. A couple recent examples are:

This post has by far beaten my previous post lengths… perhaps I will make an effort to write more, more often.