Favorite Element

I spent the month of July teaching a General Chemistry class for the EXCEL program. It was a ton of fun, and I’ve learned a lot of little things about running a class. On the final, I had a “fun” question about favorite elements… Keep reading for┬ásome of the answers that students put down:

IMG_20140726_191257194 IMG_20140726_190916075 IMG_20140726_190659676 IMG_20140726_191330781 IMG_20140726_191135676 IMG_20140726_190524388 IMG_20140726_185926642 IMG_20140726_185704566 IMG_20140726_190254393 IMG_20140726_185836238 IMG_20140726_190800219 IMG_20140726_191434611 IMG_20140726_190423444