Baha’i Temple

I am developing a more official lab/group webpage so is going to become a little more of a personal blog rather than a science one. Stay tuned…

I’ve been wanting to upgrade from my Nex-5n to a full frame camera for a while, so naturally the A7ii caught my eye. I was able to snag one used one from Adorama with a shutter count of 200, and saved $200. Totally worth it!

Had a chance to visit the Baha’i Temple in Evanston today. It’s pretty. See photos.

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Job Search Update

After a hectic two months of applying and interviewing for jobs, I am happy to say that I just submitted my official acceptance of an offer to become an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Macalester College!

It is crazy to think that a little over a year ago, I was still a naive graduate student trying to convince everyone around me about my pursuit of a career at a research-focused liberal arts college, and that it has somehow all worked out in the end. I am grateful to everyone who gave me advice while I was writing my applications and I hope that I will have a chance to pay it forward.

End of the Year Papers from the Stoddart Group

Anthea’s paper discussing the design elements and strategy behind Lock-Arm Supramolecular Ordering (LASO) has appeared on the internet. Congrats to all the coworkers who helped to push it through! The work spanned several generations of graduate students, including my own time in the Stoddart group. I hope it’s the first of many that are waiting in the pipeline…

Separately, halogen bonding continues to be a hot topic. Zhichang’s paper about halogenated solvent templates for nanotube assembly also showed up in JACS. It seems to me that the challenge within this subfield is to really hammer down halogen-bonding interactions in solution, and show that they are useful. A couple recent examples are:

This post has by far beaten my previous post lengths… perhaps I will make an effort to write more, more often.

Favorite Element

I spent the month of July teaching a General Chemistry class for the EXCEL program. It was a ton of fun, and I’ve learned a lot of little things about running a class. On the final, I had a “fun” question about favorite elements… Keep reading for some of the answers that students put down: (more…)

Happy 4th of July!


Seeing as it might be my last year in Chicago, I trekked out to Adler planetrium to watch the Navy Pier fireworks. Apparently I was not the only person who thought it would be fun to take a few pictures. There were almost as many tripods as there were people! Anyway, here’s my panoramic take on the view. The city scenes were taken right after the fireworks ended and stitched in Hugin. The fireworks seem a little far from the city, but that’s unavoidable because they are launched from outside of Navy Pier.

Website Reborn

I have moved my photography site to the nether and a chemistry research oriented site has been born in its place. I wonder if anything newsworthy will happen to me so that this is not the only post on this page other than the Hello World one.